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From design to installation and maintenance, we have a 16-year track record of completing projects on time, on budget, and ahead of schedule. Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass offers landscape design, water features, pergolas, outdoor kitchens as well as many other services to our   customers throughout the South Florida Region. As a full service landscaping company, we can design and build all of the outdoor features as well as maintain your plants, palms, tree beds, and offer a number of other maintenance services that will keep your yard looking at its best. Our experienced team sets the standard of quality, creativity, and experience in the South Florida Area’s premier residential landscape and artificial grass installations. All Landscaping and maintenance services are custom-designed to reflect a customer’s tastes and lifestyle.

Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass provides the following services for outdoor living:

Water Features

Adding a water feature like a pond, fountain, or a waterfall is a great way to upgrade yard, and property. Not only is it a great focal point, but a water feature is great way to add value to your property and increase its value. Our artist which includes famous landscape designer Sean Nutter, will build the paradise you always wanted.

Water features include:

  • Monolith Waterfall Installation
  • Waterfall for your pool
  • Natural Rock Cascades
  • Outdoor Kitchen combined with water feature
  • Small Stream for Back Yard
  • KOI Pond
  • Rock Waterfall with flower feature
  • Bubbler for landscaping
  • Water blade water
  • Water and fire Feature combined


Looking to increase your outdoor living area? Why not add a pergola to your property? Pergolas are a great way for you to enhance the quality of your outdoor living experience.

By adding a Pergola to your property, you can re-gain control of your backyard and conquer the heat of South Florida!

At Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass, each one of our customers pergolas are made to order for your individual backyard. Fabrication of your pergola is done onsite, by hand, and made with quality material.

Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass takes pride in our pergola work when designing your beautiful Oasis. Pergolas generally take 2-3 weeks from consultation to design and finally installation.

Enhance your pergola by adding the following features:

  • Retractable shade canopy
  • Stone Columns
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Fan & lighting

Call us now to schedule your free estimate!

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

Building an outdoor kitchen is very important for our customers because not only is it good for entertaining, it as well Increases value of your home.

In addition to adding value to your home, an outdoor kitchen allows you to save on your monthly utility bills, keeps smells outside the home, and most important expands your living & entertaining space.

Outdoor Kitchens require Big Green Men to do a 3D rendering design that way we can ensure that we are meeting our customers expectations. From design to concept the lead time is 2-3 weeks, and we can adjust the design to meet your budgeted amount.

Outdoor Kitchens can be enhanced by including the following:

  • Bar Feature
  • Granite Countertops
  • Cement Countertop
  • Audio System
  • Lighting

Let our master artist Sean Nutter build your ultimate outdoor cooking and entertaining area, he would be honored!


Outdoor areas are often the last to receive design attention, but they shouldn’t be for our customers. The landscape that surrounds your home is just as important as what’s in it!

A well-executed landscaping idea can complement your home’s entire aesthetic, and the right plants, flowers, and hardscapes can greatly enhance your curb appeal by adding color, texture and even fragrance to your yard.

In addition to plants, Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass can add landscape lighting and create amazing focal points at night for your property. Highlighting your palms, shrubs , bushes, trees, and your home with landscape lighting allows features of your property to stand out in the dark!

Our lighting services also include:

  • Professional holiday lighting
  • Basketball court light bulb changes
  • Tennis court light bulb changes

3D Rendering

We also encourage all of our customers to have Big Green Men design your entire landscape before its executed. By having Big Green Men do a 3D rendering you can have a tangible plan and vision of your personal landscape design. You will be able to see how flowers, plants, and palms will look on your own property before they are installed. You will physically see your property during day and night on a video model that will look like the paradise you always wanted.

Once a design is finalized our crew will begin to immediately bring your design to life.

Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass has all the right tools to get the job done, on time and within your budget. No job is to big or too small for us!

3D Rendering

If you are interested in landscaping care  and maintenance services in the South Florida Region and its surrounding communities, please contact us today.

We look forward to working with you to keep your landscape beautiful and healthy.

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