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Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass is proud to be the preferred choice for artificial synthetic grass in and around the South Florida area. For many years, we have been providing both local residential and commercial customers with the greatest options in synthetic turf products and results in workmanship. From the installation to maintenance to replacement, our artificial grass company provides exceptional service in a variety of environment applications. Get in touch with us today in order to let us show you the options that you have, answer any questions that you may have and finally get started on your artificial synthetic turf project.

Installing Artificial Grass

Getting your synthetic grass installed is the most important part of the process. This determines how well your new lawn will hold up. Relying on anyone less than a true professional and experienced artificial grass fitter is likely to result in shifting and sliding which is why it makes sense to work with our experts. At Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass, our synthetic grass installation pros care about delivering the best results for every job, every time.

The process of professional synthetic grass installation begins with removing existing turf and digging out the soil, so it is essential to get it perfectly level. Then we lay down a weed suppressing membrane in order to protect your artificial grass from being disrupted or uprooted by unwanted weed growth. From there, we install a layer of crushed rock or sand and then smooth the soil surface to create an even surface. We will discuss with you options for installing shock absorbent material next; it mostly depends on what you intend to use this new turf for.

Maintaining Your Artificial Grass

While artificial grass does not require the same type or amount of service natural grass does, there is still some maintenance and upkeep involved when you have a synthetic turf. It is essential to work with synthetic grass maintenance experts that can set you up on a regular schedule for cleaning, stain and contaminant removal and checking for pests. If pests like insects or rodents are detected, we will work with you to make decisions about how to address the problem and move forward.

It would be our pleasure to be the company that you choose to work with as your artificial grass maintenance service provider. At Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass, our goal is to be able to help you extend the life of your synthetic grass and help keep it looking its best. Get in touch with us today in order to get started. We guarantee you will be nothing short of 100% satisfied when we clean your synthetic turf.

Landscaping Upgrades

Sometimes, all you need is a little upgrade to your existing landscaping, and we can help with that. Let us help you finally get that putting green or spot around the pool that is more durable than standard grass. Let us show you the artificial grass options that you have and provide you with exactly what you need to enhance your landscape design. You’ll love our solutions for adding artificial synthetic grass to your existing landscaping.

So what exactly can synthetic grass be used for when it comes to your yard? This is the ideal method to use for details like adding a putting green to your own backyard, or by your pool to keep real grass from getting in your pool, or another popular artificial grass landscaping trend in South Florida is utilizing synthetic turf for condo balconies.

Putting Greens or Mini Golf

We use artificial synthetic grass products that have been through rigorous testing for what works best for continued real golf performance. The goal is not just to have a surface to play on, but to have one that you can improve on. From putting and your short game to even mini golf, don’t you deserve the best in a quality artificial grass foundation? Whether you want to create the golf course of your dreams in your own backyard or you are simply adding a recreational area to commercial property you own in order to make it more appealing, the quality should never be compromised. Give Big Green Men Landscaping & Artificial Grass a call today in order to get the level of expert quality you need for your putting green or mini golf area.

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